How To Access Cisco Switch in Networking

In this blog, we will explain how to access Cisco Switch's first time in the network. We need below following before the implementation.

It comes with a console cable. Connecting it on the switch end should be no problem. On the PC check to see if the console cable has DB9 or a USB connector. USB means you're in business while a DB9 may need a DB9 to USB converter. Once the switch is connected to PC and it's power cable connected, download a terminal emulator program such as Putty. 

Stop bits-> 1 Parity->none Flow control->none Bps->9600 Db->8 Then press enter in terminal.. should take you to initial config or Exec.


  • Console cable
  • Patch code
  • Power cables
  • Serial to USB converter


In step-1 We will firstly connect the console cable to the console port and connect the USB side to your PC.

After connecting the console cable we can check the status of the port on PC by using the below command.

  • Firstly connect the console cable to the console port of Switch and connect USB Side to the PC.
  • Open the device Manager in PC by Command devmgmt.msc.
  • Check the Port Status in the device manager.
  • Window<Run<devmgmt.msc

    • Window explorer<my computer<right click and select Manage<device Manager.
    • Open configuration Software like Putty , Teraterm, Hyper-terminal, Secure CRT.

    • After connecting Check the COM Port in PC and Put Same COM Port in Configuration Software.


    After accessing the Switch by using Putty or Secure CRT you can easily configure the switch like in packet tracker.

    After accessing the Switch will load the first time with IOS which stored in the flash of the switch.


    Now We are performing the basic configuration on switches

    Basic Configuration

    Step -5

    Verify the VLAN:


    Management IP Address:


    We can Verify by using sh ip int brief.

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