Cisco R&S Command-Line Interface Overview

This blog provides you information and commands shortcuts on the following topics:
  1. Shortcuts for entering commands
  2.  Using the  key to enter complete commands
  3.  Console error messages
  4.  Using the question mark for help
  5. enable command
  6.   exit command
  7.   Setup mode

Shortcuts for Entering CLI Commands
For enhance efficiency, Cisco IOS Software has some shortcuts for entering commands. Although these are great to use in the real world, when it comes time to write a vendor exam, make sure you know the full commands, not just the shortcuts.

Router>enable = Router>enab = Router>en
Entering a shortened form of a command is suf- ficient as long as there is no confusion about which command you are attempting to enter.
Router#configure terminal is the same
as Router#config t

Using the  Key to Complete Commands
When you are entering a command on terminal or Putty, you can use the key to complete the command.
 Enter the first few characters of a command and press the TAB key.The rest of the command is entered in for you. This is so helpful if you are unsure about the spelling of a command.

Router#sh    = Router#show
show the output

Console Error Messages
You may see three types of console error messages when you are working in the CLI:
  Ambiguous command
  Incomplete command
  Incorrect command

Error Message
What to Do
% Ambiguous Command: “show con”
Not enough characters were entered to allow device to recog- nize the command.
Re-enter the command with a question mark (?) immediately after the last character.
show con?
All possible keywords will be displayed.
% Incomplete
More parameters
Re-enter the command followed by a question
need to be entered
mark (?). Include a space between the command

to complete the
and the question mark (?).


% Invalid
The command
Re-enter the command, correcting the error at
input detected
entered has an
the location of the . If you are unsure what the
at ^ marker
error. The ^ marks
error is, reenter the command with a question

the location of the
mark  at the point of the error message to display the

commands or parameters available.

By Using the Question Mark for Help

The following output shows that you how using the question mark can help you work through a command and all its parameters.

List of all commands available in the command mode
Router#c? clear
List of  all the possible choices that start with the letter c
Router#cl? Clear
List of  all the possible choices that start with the letters cl
Incomplete Command
Tells you that more parameters need to be entered on CLI
Router#clock ? Set
Shows you  all sub-commands for this command (in this case,
Set, which sets the time and date)

Router#clock set 19:50:00 14 July
2009 ?
by Pressing the  key confirms the time and date configured.
No error messages or Incomplete command message means the command was entered successfully.

Moves the user from user execution mode to privileged mode

Router>enable Router#

Enable Command

Exit Command:

Logs a user off
Moves you back one level
Moves you back one level

Disable Command:

Moves you from privileged mode to user mode

Logout Command:

Performs the same function as exit

Setup Mode

This mode (Setup mode) starts automatically if there is no startup configuration present.

Enters startup mode from the command line


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