Network Subnet | IP Subnet | How to Subnets by Networking hub

IP  Addressing: 

Class A first octet range 1-127       

(Network 127 is reserved for loopback and self testing)       bit pattern     0xxxxxxx

Class B first octet range 128-191          bit pattern        10xxxxxx

 Class C first octet range 192-223          bit pattern        110xxxxx

Class D first octet range 224-239       (Reserved for multicast)     bit pattern    1110xxxx

Class E first octet range 240-255       (Reserved for  for research)          bit pattern        11110xxx

Maximum number of unique address in Class A   2^7 - 2 = 126

Class B   2^14 - 2 = 16,382

Class C  2^21 - 2 = 2,097,150

 Formulas to determine the number of subnets:

M = the number of bits borrowed (Masked)   
 U = the number of bits remaining or not borrowed bits.

2^M = Total number of subnets created   
2^U = Total number of host on each subnets

 2^M - 2 = Usable number of subnet created    

2^U - 2 = Usable number of host in each subnet

Class A:

Class B:

Class C:

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