What is Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Firewall? FTD Overview

Cisco NGFW FirePower:

A Firepower is a single-application appliance for the ASA. The Firepower runs an underlying operating system called the Firepower eXtensible Operating System (FXOS). 

We must configure basic operating parameters and hardware interface settings in FXOS. These settings Work in enabling interfaces, establishing EtherChannels, NTP, image management, and more. 

We can use the Firepower Chassis Manager web interface or FXOS CLI. We can then configure your security policy in the ASA operating system using ASDM or the ASA CLI.

The Cisco ASA and FXOS operating systems share the Management 1/1 interface. The management interface has a separate IP address for connecting to ASA and to FXOS.

Some functions must be monitored on the FXOS and others on the Cisco ASA, so We need to make use of both operating systems for ongoing maintenance. For the initial configuration on FXOS, you can connect to the default IP address using SSH or your browser (

For the initial configuration of the ASA, you can connect using ASDM to In ASDM, We can later configure SSH access from any interface. Both operating systems are available from the console port. Initial connection accesses the FXOS CLI.

We can access the ASA CLI using the connect ASA command. We can also allow FXOS management from ASA data interfaces; configure SSH, HTTPS, and SNMP access. This feature is useful for remote management.

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