How To access Cisco Firepower Management Center Via VGA Mode:Alternative option

Hi Guys,

We have two ways to access the Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC) in the networking environment.

1. Using Web interface
2. Using VGA Mode.

1. Using the Web interface.

  • Using a supported browser, enter the following URL.
  • https://fmc_ip_address (Default IP:

  • Enter your username and password.

  • Click Log In.

Configure a computer with the following network settings.
IP address:
Default gateway:
Disable any other network connections to this computer.

2. Using VGA Mode.:

For VGA Mode we need to connect the VGA cable to the FMC and Set Up a monitor and Keyboard for the configuration.

Connect the VGA Cable to the FMC.

Setup a monitor with FMC by using a VGA cable.

Restart The FMC.

Step 4:
Select VGA mode from the options.

Wait for 20-30 min for a device health checkup and Interface status script.

After the script, you will get Linux administrator command CLI.

Login by using admin and Admin123 credentials.

Type below command in the CLI.

sudo /usr/local/sf/bin/configure-network

After that, we can change the Management IP and gateway address from VGA mode. rest of the configuration  We can do via accessing the web GUI interface.

admin@firepower login:

username: admin
Password: Admin123

Do you want to set the Management IP (y/n): y
Management IP addresses:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:


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