How To setup NTP Server on Cisco Firepower

The default time zone for the FMC is Eastern. The Corp network is in the Mountain time zone. Time is very important when tracking events so We need to get the Date, Time, and Timezone to be as accurate as possible.

1. Select Time Synchronization from the left column menu.


2. Typically keeping the setting to NTP is preferred but to change the time zone you need to temporarily use the manual setting. Click the Manually in Local Configuration radio button and click Save.

3. It will take a minute but once the page refreshes select on the Time menu tab again

4. Return to the Time Synchronization menu tab again. Ensure that Serve Time via NTP is enabled (thus making the FMC an NTP server). Click the Via NTP from the radio button and click Save.  Notice how you can set multiple NTP server sources by separating them by a comma

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