Installation of Firepower management center

The Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices are not configurable via their CLI without setting up their Management Interfaces. In order to configure the data plane, We must use either the Firepower Device Manager (FDM) or the Firepower Management Center (FMC).

In this scenario, We will configure a newly deployed virtual machine of the Firepower Management Center (FMC) that will be used to configure our FTD devices. We will also explore and discuss typical settings that could be set up in a real-world deployment.

There are three methods to configure an FMC server’s network settings.

• The settings can be configured at the deployment of the OVA file (For virtual FMC).
• After the FMC is first booted up We can access the CLI and issue the command sudo configure-network and answer the questionnaire.
• After the FMC is first booted up We can access the webpage using the FMC’s default IP address settings ( and change the configuration from within there.

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Configuration steps:

Note:  For the FMC access Please give one IP for your PC and connect the management interface with your computer by using LAN cable. after login with default credential, the first page is changing the management IP and device password. Change the IP and save the configuration. In our scenario, we have given for the management interface.

1. On Test, PC open up Firefox and connect to The other tabs will fail to load as we haven’t configured the FTD firewall yet.

2. Accept the use of the self-signed certificate by clicking Advanced > Add Exception and then click the Confirm Security Exception in the popup window on the browser.

3. The default username and password for the FMC is admin/Admin123. Use these credentials to log into the webpage.

4. Now explore some of the options available for configuring, monitoring, and managing the FMC. Navigate to System > Configuration.

5. Select VMware Tools from the left column menu. Ensure Enable VMware Tools checkbox is checked. Obviously, this is only important if we are running the FMC as a virtual machine on VMware.

6. Select Time from the left column menu.

Notice the Current Time value. The default time zone for the FMC is Eastern. Example Corp network is in the India time zone. Time is very important when tracking some events so We need to get the Date, Time, and Timezone to be as accurate as possible.

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