What is CIsco routers in details Overview

Cisco Router

When We consider Cisco, what does one think of first? Hubs? We don’t think so. We think of routers, of course. Cisco makes the best routers in the world. Everyone knows this, and it is also one of the reasons you are even reading this blog.

It looks like Cisco comes out with a brand new model router almost every month. It is hard to keep up with their new offerings. A key criterion when selecting router products is knowing what feature sets you need to meet your business requirements. For example, do you need IP, Frame Relay, and VPN support? How about IPX, AppleTalk, and DECnet? Cisco has it all.

The other features we need to think about when considering different product-selection criteria are port density and interface speeds. As we get into the higher-end models, we see more ports and faster speeds. For example, the new 12000 series model is Cisco’s first-gigabit switch and has enormous capability and functionality.

We can tell how much a product goes to value by viewing the model variety. We also ought to believe WAN support when shopping for a router. We can get anything we want in a Cisco router, but We just have to be familiar with the service provided for our area.

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