Cisco Email Security Overview and benefits.

Cisco Email Security (ESA) formerly  IronPort Email Security, Delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound email cleansing and control, offering high availability email protection against the constant, dynamic, rapid threats affecting email in a variety of forms factors to fit customer needs.

Cisco Email Security (ESA) includes advanced threat protection capabilities to detect, block, and remediate threats, prevent data loss, and secure important information with end-to-end encryption.

With Cisco Email Security customers can:

●      It Detects and blocks more threats with superior threat intelligence from Talos, our threat research team. 

●     It Combats ransomware is hidden in attachments that evade initial detection with Cisco Secure Email Malware Defense and Cisco Threat Grid.

●    It Drops emails with risky links automatically or blocks access to newly infected sites with real-time URL analysis to protect against phishing and BEC. 

●      It Prevents brand abuse and sophisticated identity-based email attacks with Cisco Secure Email Domain Protection and Cisco Secure Email Phishing Defense services.

●      It Protects sensitive content in outgoing emails with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and easy-to-use email encryption, all in one solution.

●     It Provides user-behavior training with Cisco Secure Awareness Training to help users work smarter and safer.

●      It Maximizes deployment flexibility with a cloud, virtual, on-premises, or hybrid deployment or moves to the cloud in phases.

●   It Integrates across a growing number of Cisco Security products and accelerates key security operations function like visibility, detection, automation, investigation, and remediation with SecureX.

 This video is in the Hindi Language (यह वीडियो हिंदी भाषा में है)

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