Configure RELAYLIST at Host Access Table (HAT) Cisco Cloud email security

For the outgoing Emails flow through the Cisco Cloud Email Security, we will need to add the public IP address (or an FQDN that's resolvable in DNS) of the email server to the RELAY LIST in the HAT: 

• Navigate to Mail Policies > HAT Overview • Click RELAY LIST Sender Group • Click Add Sender ... • Add Sender: customer's email server IP address or hostname • Click Submit • Click Commit Changes 

This needs to be done on the Cisco Cloud email security side to enable outbound mail flow. We need to take other steps - such as adjusting the firewall settings, or configuring your email server to send outbound through the Cisco CES/ESA - but those steps are outside of the scope of service of Cisco Email Security.

 • The Host  address Table  (HAT) matches on IP addresses or sending domains (what you get when you do a reverse DNS lookup on an IP). which matches on sending email addresses and/or receiving addresses

. •The WHITELIST sender group has higher per connection limits defined in the associated mail flow policy and disables spam scanning. This should be used for trusted senders. Antivirus scanning and other forms of scanning are not disabled on this policy. 

 • The BLACKLIST sender group drops an incoming SMTP Mail connection that matches that sender group immediately before any SMTP conversation begins. Messages that hit the BLACKLIST sender group drop from the message tracking by default.

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